Customized Backpack

If your backpack was a blank canvas, what would you put on it?  Tap into your creative side and create a personalized backpack that expresses your individuality.

Photo Fusion is here to help you customize a backpack just the way you want it.  Send us your photos or graphics and we’ll use them to create a mockup of your backpack design.  As an added service, we can also help you to design a unique monogram logo using the 3 initials of your name and put the logo on your backpack.

We manufacture the entire backpack from scratch here in the Philippines, using skilled sewers and high quality materials.  After you’ve approved your design, we send it off to manufacturing and within a few days, your backpack is done!

If you’re interested in having your own customized backpack made for you, submit your order today on our Backpack Product Page.