Customized Sling Bag

The classic “men’s bag” is here!  Also known as a messenger bag or shoulder bag, the customized sling bag is the perfect bag for any guy in your life.  Measuring 7″ wide and 9″ tall, the sling bag can hold your wallet, smartphone, small tablet, and other small items with ease.  It comes with an adjustable should strap for a comfortable fit any time.  There are two zippered main pockets, with an additional pocket inside the bag.

Customize your sling bag with your own personal monogram!

The exciting thing about our sling bags is that they can be customized with your own design and personal monogram logo!  The monogram logo is a logo that we design from the three initials of your name.  Choose a seamless pattern from our collection of different styles, and your sling bag design is ready to be made.

You can order your customized sling bag on our Sling Bag Product Page.  Or contact us if you’d like to ask some questions.