Announcing the Launch of John’s Ventures Vlog!

John's Ventures: Episode 1

It all started with the Corporate Giveaways Expo 2019.  We knew we had a tradeshow coming up, and that Photo Fusion would be hosting its own booth during the 3-day show at the SMX Convention Center.  We’ve been attending the tradeshow for several years now, but what could we do to make this year different?

After a quick brainstorming session, we decided a cool approach would be to do a Vlog of the entire experience.  John, our amazing videographer and photographer extraordinaire, volunteered to do it, and the rest shall we say is history.  What started out as a single episode of John’s Ventures (which you can watch below), we’ve decided to segway into a full-fledged Vlog series. Now you can follow John as he ventures into the exciting world of sublimation printing.  Get an inside look into topics that matter to people who are interested in customized apparel, sublimation printing, starting your own business, and knowing what’s trending in the Philippines.

Check out Episode 1 of John’s Ventures below, then subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow all his upcoming episodes.

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