Let’s Make Merch Happen

Photo Fusion is excited to announce the launch of our newest brand: Merchiful.com.  Merchiful is an online marketplace for Filipinos who want to buy, sell, and create customized merch.  We aim to make this brand the Philippines equivalent to TeeSpring.com, Printful.com, SpreadShirt.com, and other Print on Demand websites that are popular around the world.

So who would be interested in this kind of service?

  • People who have a large following on Instagram or Facebook can create their own merch for their brand.
  • Graphic designers and illustrators can create their own merch from their artwork.
  • People with an entrepreneurial spirit can come up with their own t-shirt designs and hire someone to do the artwork for them.

Merchiful provides the platform where these “creators” can have their own online shop.  There is no cost to set one up, and we handle the entire fulfillment process.  From accepting orders and processing payments to manufacturing the items and shipping them out, we do it all for you.  All you need to focus on is your artwork and promoting your online shop.

We put together a little commercial to hopefully inspire you budding creators out there.  Don’t forget to visit the website at http://Merchiful.com.