Second Appearance on GMA Network’s Unang Hirit

We are thrilled to have been invited to appear on GMA Network’s morning show Unang Hirit, who asked Photo Fusion to go on their show to discuss personalized gift items and Christmas gift ideas. TV host Lyn Ching interviewed Photo Fusion representative Shinna Vega on our current product offerings, which includes customized backpacks, bags, pillows, ceramic tile prints, and wall tapestries.  Check out some behind the scenes pictures we took on the set of the show:

We are proud to have been featured twice on their show, the first time being earlier this year for their episode on Valentine’s Day gift ideas.  At the end of the show, we gave freebies to the hosts, which included customized pillows, ceramic tile prints, and a customized playmat featuring the entire cast of Unang Hirit.  To watch the complete episode of our Unang Hirit appearance, check out the video below!