With Photo Fusion, starting your own reseller business has never been easier! We treat every reseller as an important business partner and aim to provide you with top quality help and service.


•  Almost no startup capital is required because you don’t need to buy or store any inventory.
•  As a reseller, you get 20% off all our retail prices. On top of that, you can markup the price of your products as much as you want!
•  You can create your own name for your business and resell our products under your own brand name.
•  Apparel and pillows can have fabric labels sewn into them with your logo on it for an additional P50 per label.
•  We can provide you with product photos which you can use to sell items under your own brand name.
•  Drop shipping is available. 


•  You are required to have graphic design skills so that you can do your own layouts, or hire someone who can do the graphic design work for you.
•  You will need to show us where you will be selling the items (such as an existing online shop or Facebook / Instagram Page).


If you think you have what it takes to become a Photo Fusion reseller, contact us today!