Royal Pet Portraits

Royal Pet Portraits

Royal Pet Portraits are the coolest thing ever and are available now here in the Philippines!  For those of you who treat your pets with complete royalty, you’d probably jump at the chance to make a regal portrait of your favorite animal.  Well now’s your chance! 

Just pick your favorite photo of your pet and upload it at  There, you can choose the template you want for your regal portrait.  Here’s a gallery of sample designs they can do:

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  These royal pet portraits come printed on canvas or cloth, and are stretched onto a 9″x12″ wooden frame.  You can then directly hang the print on your wall or display it on a wood easel on your desk.

Custom Royal Pet Portraits

These 9″x12″ canvas prints of your pet as royalty are works of art that you’ll love displaying in your home or office.  Turn your pet into a renaissance masterpiece.  Head over to to place your order today.