How To Start A Clothing Line in the Philippines + Factory Tour!

How To Start A Clothing Line Philippines + Factory Tour! How Print on Demand Shirts are Made

Wondering how to start a clothing line in the Philippines? Want to know how shirts are made? In this video, I go behind the scenes at a print on demand company and show you the entire t-shirt manufacturing process works from start to finish. The process starts by laying out the graphics for the printed shirts design, then proceeds to the sublimation printer. From there the print is taken to a heat press where high heat transfers the print onto the fabric. The printed fabric is then cut and sewn, resulting in a finished t-shirt within just 20 minutes.

If you’re interested in starting a print on demand t-shirt business, my video will help you understand how the process works from a manufacturing perspective. Dye sublimation t-shirt printing makes starting a clothing line easy with minimal startup capital required.

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