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Customized Long Sleeve Shirt

Stay crisp and cool with Photo Fusion’s newest product, the Customized Long Sleeve Shirt.  Lightweight and breathable, our long sleeve shirts are made from high quality polyester fabric with a tightly woven texture.  Using modern dye sublimation printing technology, we’re able to print any design you want directly onto the fabric of your shirt.  The prints are made […]

Customized Neck Gaiter and Compression Arm Sleeves

Wonder if you could make your own matching Neck Gaiter and Compression Arm Sleeves? Here at Photo Fusion, we can print both with your own design! Using sublimation printing technology, your designs will appear bold and vibrant. Printed on high quality polyester material, our products are both durable and comfortable to wear.     Whether […]

Customized Compression Arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves are popular among motorcycle riders and many athletes for performance and recovery improvements during and after events. These are designed to provide mild to medium compression to prevent muscle soreness during driving, sports and activities, improve blood circulation during activities, and help your muscles recover more quickly. They also protect your skin […]

How To Start A Clothing Line in the Philippines + Factory Tour!

How To Start A Clothing Line Philippines + Factory Tour! How Print on Demand Shirts are Made

Wondering how to start a clothing line in the Philippines? Want to know how shirts are made? In this video, I go behind the scenes at a print on demand company and show you the entire t-shirt manufacturing process works from start to finish. The process starts by laying out the graphics for the printed […]

Next Up: Why sublimation printing dominates the best esports team jersey designs in the league

Why sublimation printing dominates the best esports team jersey designs in the league

Esports jersey design will never be the same again.  For Filipinos, sublimation printing dominates when it comes to having the best jersey design in the league.  How did it come to this? The esports scene in the Philippines was made up almost completely of amateurs just a few years ago.  This was because professional esports […]

Announcing the Launch of John’s Ventures Vlog!

John's Ventures: Episode 1

It all started with the Corporate Giveaways Expo 2019.  We knew we had a tradeshow coming up, and that Photo Fusion would be hosting its own booth during the 3-day show at the SMX Convention Center.  We’ve been attending the tradeshow for several years now, but what could we do to make this year different? […]